Water quality is very important to me especially since I have a family to watch out for. I wasn’t sure that we were going to be able to get it done because our main water line had to be replaced, but Travis and Revive Water took care of the whole thing for us to make sure we could get the water that we wanted. Love the new system! And I’m thankful for the company!

– Pedro G.
Lancaster, CA

The first night we got the system installed in our home, we immediately noticed a difference with how soft our skin felt. My oldest daughter has always had really dry skin, but for the first time, she didn’t feel the need to put on lotion after a shower because her skin wasn’t feeling dry. When we go to drink the water, it’s mind blowing how light it feels as you drink it. We noticed a huge difference right away. We love this system, and want to thank Berto and Revive Water for making it affordable for us!

– Maria G.
Portland, OR

It’s amazing to me how soft it makes my skin and how soft it makes my hair. I don’t really have to use conditioner or lotion anymore. Our bodies are 70% water and it is a relief to me to know that my family is getting the best 70% it can get! So thankful for Alex for the quick and easy process!

– Jerry F.
Franklin, TN

I am in LOVE with our new whole house water system! We have wanted to do this for years and had I known the difference it would make in my skin I would’ve done it years ago! Of course we love the water quality for drinking, that is a must. What people don’t realize is an absolute MUST for optimal health and wellness, is getting all that junk off your skin.

I used to have very very dry skin, and I thought that was just me and something I would have to live with that the rest of my life. Lotions, etc. only helped for a few moments. However, I was completely blown away  after my very first shower with the new system. No more dry skin! The difference is incredible and we are even happier than we expected to be with this new water system!

Richard & Lisa J
Franklin, TN